Brooms Storage and PCs

At first, it was Ivan’s Fujitsu, bought in 2006 as required by ACS (I). I had never seen him use it for work. When his Principal told us to lock it prior to the O’levels prelims, I was annoyed that we had wasted money for something frivolous and addictive. It stopped working suddenly in June, much to my delight. Ivan was spending too much time on it instead of studying.
Then came Andreas’. He slipped and fell on the wet floor, dropped his Acer and out went his internet function. I rejoiced. He too was spending too much time on it and neglecting his studies, seriously affecting his GPA if he does not do well this year. Again, I question Singapor Poly’s requirement for it. However, since it was still under waranty, he left it at the agent and it was returned after one week, FOC.
While I was hospitalised two weeks ago, my desk top refused to start up. By now, the desk top is the most precious commodity in the house, shared by Ivan, Aaron, myself and Mike during the weekends. I didn’t mind, for that means I could control the usage by the younger boys, a previlage they knew they have to earn, even if it’s for use in whatever projects they claimed they needed it for. There was often a queue, and thus they could not afford to wonder to other sites if they wanted to finish their work on time.
I was recuperating, so I did not miss the PC. Mike dismentled it to check and found that the motherboard had died.
What? So fast? I complained.
It’s old, already three years, he explained. We would need to get another one.
How long?
Two weeks.
So long?!! Came the chorus of complaint from us.
That’s what happened when you store your brooms together. Long ago when we first set up house, Mike told me of an old wife’s tale that if we store all the brooms/mops/scrubs together at one place, many things will happen at the same time, regardless of good or bad. So every time things like this happen, he’d remind me why.
It had been great while it lasted. An aunt wanted me to vat a letter.
Can’t, PC’s down. 
My friend had asked me to do some translation for her. I happily told her my PC’s down.
Why are you still using a PC? Everyone has a laptop nowadays. I’ll lend you mine, she offered.
No, I’m not mobile and I prefer my PC with my 21" LCD.
We are now left with one Compaq laptop, acquired free from Starhub in 2006 for my job then. Aaron had been the one using it as it had a Chinese software inside. It’s our last choice for surfing the net as it’s really slow. I forgot, we can also use the 42" LCD TV with a server and a remote keyboard smaller than a ping pong racket. I gave up using that as the keypad is even too small for my 12-month-old nephew’s fingers.
So now as I type on this Compaq, squinting my eyes at the small screen, I’ml grateful at least I have this old faithful to tie us over.
And no…we are not getting an IMac.

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2 Responses to Brooms Storage and PCs

  1. Nabueh says:

    Despite having two MacBooks in the house (one I bought for my wife and one from my office I bring home every night), we still use the 2006 Toshiba laptop in the computer room. It’s not slow, leh, it functions very well and it’s considered the house’s shared laptop. If portability is an issue, a small tiny cheap netbook might be your solution. It costs less than a dinner at Capitol Restaurant.

  2. Vicky says:

    I want a big screen. So netbook is out. (Can’t be cheaper than Capitol Rest.) I think its the OS that has problem.

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