Food Galore!

Yesterday we celebrated Teacher’s day for our yoga teacher after yoga class ajumma’s style – we had a great cook out. It was as if there was a competition to award the best ajumma cook. My classmates are mostly ajummas with teenage children. Many are great cooks and bakers and yesterday was the day everyone showed off their culinary skills.
Teacher opened her bachalor pad for us. She had woken up early to cook chicken curry befor rushing off to class. Jiali too woke up early morning to make drunken chicken soup. Her father had just passed away in Johore a few days before and thus she did not have time to cook the teh kar chor she had promised.
Fukika, the sole Japanese in our class skipped yoga yesterday morning to prepare minestrone soup. Other than these, we had home-made rojak, fried beehoon (from me – thanks to mom’s maid Irene!) and other stuff.
For dessert, the competition was intense. I requested that Shirley baked her chocolate brownies, which we ate with Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice-cream from Ling. Lucy missed class too to make sweet potato kueh with shredded coconut, as well as passion fruit ice jelly. Lan baked a passion fruit chiffon cake that earned her a WOW from everyone.
 Lan’s Passion Fruit chiffon cake.
As if there were not enough calories for that morning, those that didn’t cook bought durian mooncakes, fruits, Royce Strawberry’s Chocolates, soon kueh, Old Chang Kee etc.
Needless to say, despite all the food, we were all watching our portions, so there were planty for everyone to take home for their family to sample.
Am I glad I’d be running off all the calories on this Sunday’s Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.

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