This year, five members of my family managed to get tickets to NDP, including one who went twice. Inside the NDP goodie bag was a coupon booklet with discounts to many shops and restaurants, including one with $10 off photobooks from Fotohub ($29.90 down to $19.90).
I decided to take this opportunity to do some photobooks for my sons. Mike had taken many photos of their events over the past few years and they’re all stored in the hard disk or displayed on FB. I had also promised that I would do a photo book for my primary school teacher, compiling all the photos we took with her over the last thirty-odd years, but had procrastinated since our last gathering during CNY. The discount gave me a good opportunity not to delay further as it had an expiry date.
I’m glad I embarked on this project. Doing the school album for my teacher brought back memories, chief among them was that I was not very active in joining the gatherings during my teens. I was not in a few photos that were contributed by some classmates. The group was small and almost always consisted the same people. Things changed during the last two years. We managed to locate more classmates and nearly all took the time to come. Doesn’t that say something about our friendship? I’m rather proud whenever I talk about my primary school gatherings, for how many of you still have that?
Doing the book for my sons was also an AHA! moment of sort. I had given myself an F for mothering. (Just so you know my grading scale, an A would akin to having raised a President’s scholar.) ‘F’ because I’m always invited to meet my sons’ principal/VP/teachers for their poor academic performance, and my constant anger at them.
As i collated their individual books, I realise I was probably too harsh on myself. I have in fact raised rather well-rounded young men, with wide interests ranging from music(ok, this one must enforce), martial arts, sports and even floral arrangement. They are accomplished at the piano and guitars, take part in triathlons and marathons, and are not hesitant to contribute to charity events. They know family bonds are important and that’s why Saturday nights are reserved Ah Kong and Ah Ma, and they are present for family gatherings during festive occasions instead of being out with friends.
I’m therefore upgrading myself to a C henceforth.

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