Triple Three Buffet @ Meritus Mandarin

As part of National Day Celebration, people who are 45-year-old this year get 45% off total bill (up to 8 pax) for the buffet at Triple Three (normal price is $80pax) in August. After consulting my finance director, I was given the go ahead to book for Ivan’s birthday. The boys were excited. They remembered the buffet last year at The Line @ Shangri-la and how good the food was (Aaron and I missed that. That meal was a steal since we got it at 72% off in lieu of my MIL’s birthday for their ‘Flash Your Age’ promotion last year.)
As with all buffets, my first stop was to the cold seafood counter. I was not disappointed. In addition to succulently fresh oysters, there were prawns, crabs (Alaskan?), clams and scallops. I really enjoyed the crabs, tasty own its own even without the ‘wasabi cocktail dip’.
The sashimi counter was also a popular stop. There were a good mix of sashimis to pick – salmon, tuna, sword fish, yellow tail, tako, clam and prawn. If you have the space in your stomach, there were also a variety of sushis, including california maki.
In contrast, the salad bar was quite disappointing – A mix green,  cheery, tomatoes, carrots, strips of cucumber, asparagus. Next to the salad bar, I spotted the cheese platter and tried the camembart. It was robust and flavourful. Mike took the blue cheese and love it, but the taste was too much for me. I declined the goat cheese (threw up once after eating that).
There was a tapanyaki counter that was very popular. The chef was busy replacing the beef cubes, prawns and beansprouts every ten minutes. I took a pinch from the rest and yes, all fresh and very well cooked.
The Japanese selection was indeed impressive. At the steamer section, other than pumpkin pudding and double-boil soup, there was chawamushi with bits of roe on it.   Next to that a tempura counter where mum made friend with the chef in order to get his secret for making great tempura (Nissin tempura flour, ice water and correct heat).
The roast beef was a wagyu!! The roast lamb was too gamey. I like the satay counter where they have chicken, lamb and beef and any amount of katupat, cucumber and onions.
After that I couldn’t eat anymore. I was amazed how the boys still had room for pastas. The two older ones shared a rather huge portion of cream sphagetti. Aaron had his own mariana, a seafood based pasta in tomato sauce.
Ivan was eyeing the roast duck and insisting that he was only ‘mildly full’, ordered a roast duck spinach noodle. I took a strand of the noodle. It wasn’t good but I think he enjoyed the duck.
I looked in wonder as they each came back with a ‘cup’ of cold buckweed noodle.
Just to complete the mains, there were one row of warmers serving various Chinese food and even a dedicated Indian section. I think everyone gave those a miss, preferring the counters with chefs preparing fresh cooked food.
Our last stop was the dessert (although after that, the boys went back to oysters and crabs again!). There was an ice cream counter with exotic flavoured sherbets and ice creams -blue berry sherbet, sesame and green tea ice creams just to name a few. The cakes selection was good too if you can squeeze them in – strawberry shortcake, Japanese cheesecakes, tiramisu, etc.
When we were there last night, there were three tables celebrating birthdays including ours. (At that price, it better be some occasion!). The nice aunty waitress went to the pastry counter and got a nice piece of hazelnut cake for Ivan.
All in all, it was a night well spent and stomachs well filled (stuffed more likely!).

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