I often hear Granny says, aiya, my 4D almost strike. Almost…because of the following reasons: one digit different only leh, or, si zi dio bo lui (Teochew-all four digits there yet still no money) etc. I tell her, there is no such thing as almost strike. It’s either you strike or you don’t. That’s why i hardly ever buy. Statistically it’s impossible to gain from 4D. The only gain is perhaps the short instance of high when you really win something, until you remember the amount already invested in this number. Then it’s a relief that you can finally delete it from your 4D list of numbers to buy.
There are of course, some exceptions. Many years ago Mike and I saw the number plate 555 three times in a week, so we went to buy 0555 and 5550. The first prize came out as 5553. BIG SIGH.
Then in the early 90s, we installed a new phone system in our company. The 1st prize that week was our phone number 1566(from 7341566). You should hear the huge collective sigh from my colleagues for not having the thought to buy the number then.
When my great-grandma died in 1997, the number on the coffin which everybody bought(except me cos no one mentioned or asked if I wanted to buy) was the first prize that week. It was a nice departing gift from great-grandma to her grandkids (but not great-grand kids).
Last week, my fave DJ sms-ed me that I appeared in his dream during his afternoon nap and that I was in my house in Sentosa Cove. Since he had commented in his blog a few weeks before that someone had dreamt of him and bought 4D of their ages and striked 1st prize, I immediately asked him for some numbers. There was none but he suggested buying the postal code of Sentosa Cove. Taking his cue (since he is a more season gambler that me) I googled for Sentosa Cove’s postal code. A few came out – 098533, 098353, 0984…
So last Friday before yoga, I went into one of the many Singapore Pools outlets in Clementi (the only shop that was opened in that early morning). I decided to buy 0980 plus another two on our ages and years of birth.
Sunday’s first prize was 0988. Almost….just one digit!

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One Response to 4D…almost

  1. Nabueh says:

    It’s very easy, just buy all possibilities that’ll make you sigh. For instance, instead of just 0555 and 5550, do 5551, 5552, 5553, 5554, 5555, 5556, 5556, 5557, 5558 and 5559 (so instead of buying just two numbers, buy ten!). Then in order not to sigh some more if 5515 comes out, do all 4 different cobination of each. So you ended up with 40 numbers instead of two. That way, you’ll be saying "I win!" instead of "si zi dio bo lui".

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