Secret Agent Miss Oh – Korean Drama

This series just ended last night on KBS (Ch 115).
As with most Korean dramas, it starts rather slowly but luckily manages to built the excitement with every episode, especially with the appearence of Ryu Jin, last seen in Scandal in Seoul as the traitor. Here, he shows his versatility as an actor in a comical role.
Oh Hana is a corrupt police officer who bullies loan sharks and illegal hawkers. She supports a mother who is a gambler. She gets into trouble with the NIA (similar to CIA) but is recruited as a secret agent because of her connection with the criminals under investigation. She is to be a secretary to the director of an art gallery, Director Han, played by Ryu Jin, who is suspected of drug smuggling. She almost gets into troubles because of her infactuation with her boss, Agent Ko.
The drama is often laugh out loud funny. One gangster boss who had escaped from prison saw his wanted photo in the news and exclaimed, do they have to use that photo? and proceeded to sing Nobody nobody but you.
Ryu Jin added my enjoyment to the show. His lines are so ridiculous I can’t help laughing.
He tells Hana when she asked why he was staring at her : You should be honoured to have my gaze on you.
In one scene togather, he asks her, do i look like a monster?
She replies, no, you are the most handsome man I’ve seen in person.
He says, I don’t care for objective facts. Tell me your thoughts.
She says, you are also the most vain man I’ve ever met.
His reply? Hm. I’m your number one in many fronts.
Their chemistry together is so good I’m sorry she ends up with the other man instead.
I like how natural the dialogues are for the other actors. The three top man in NIA goes for a walk.
It’s nice to walk in this weather, says one.
Yes, especially so during work hours, comes the reply.
So, go watch it for a good laugh.

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