Personal Preference – Korean Drama

I bought this DVD from China and again had the same problems not only with the English subtitles, but with the Chinese one as well. The male lead, Jin Ho, has three different Chinese translated names in the DVD, making me so confused.
I had read the plot in a review and thought the romantic comedy must be very good. Lee Min Ho, as Jin Ho, pretends to be gay in order to gain access into a traditional house by renting a room from the lady landlord. The lady, Gae In, reluctantly rents a room to him because he is gay and thus deems ‘safe’, but falls in love with him instead. Jin Ho wants to study the house for a project his company is tendering for. Unfortunately for him, the project owner, who happens to be gay, falls in love with him as well, complicating the whole process.
Sounds fun right? Unfortunately, the script was badly written, losing much opportunity to make this a hit series. The dialogue was poor, so poor I wish i could write the dialogue myself. Example, JinHo lies in bed sick and Gae In tends to him, dispite knowing his betrayal.
He tells her, go.
She refuses.
He tells her again, go.
She decides aloud, since your fever is gone, I shall go.
She turns to go but he holds her hand. Don’t go, he says, and they make up.
Don't tell anyone smile How terrible can the writing be.
The only consolation in watching this show, which I gather from all the comments in the net, is watching Lee Min Ho, even as he goes through his act in a wooden manner. The actress Ye-jin Son appears much too old for him (they’re supposed to be the same age in the drama), and he too young to be an established architect.
So unless you are a big Lee Min Ho fan and enjoys seeing him struts around in designer clothes (like me!!!), give this a miss.

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