Buddy Hoagies @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Usually our Sunday dinner is spent with mom (sometimes plus Bro’s family) at some neighbourhood tze-char. Last Sunday, since they were all invited to an aunt’s house because my sister is here, and Andreas being absent because of his jamming session in town, my family decided to give ourselves a treat and have western. Ivan recommended us this quaint little eatery in BTSC, next to Beauty World. (I wanted to say one knows your son has grown when they recommend the restaurant instead of the parent, then I realise my error. It’s only when they pay that they have grown. Now they are simply spending too much of your money!)
The restaurant, situated at the basement, apparently is a favourite with students in the West. Mike recognises it as the one where he had picked Andreas and his classmates up before as they attempted to study there for their o’levels. Sparsely furnished with cheap dining furniture, concrete flooring and a paper-covered up menu board behind the bar/counter, I was not impressed. The wall, lined with framed posters of 70s and 80’s pop stars was nostalgic though. Aaron asked if those were expensive and I had to explain we could get them free from magazines.
Like Rolling Stones? Asked Ivan.
No, like Fanfare, I replied.Thinking smile (Remember?)
The menu lists an impressive array of western food, including Rosti, a rare offer in a heartland restaurant. The soup of the day were minestrone and mushroom ($3.00 with garlic bread). Aaron wanted fried calamari($5.90) and so refrained from ordering a soup (now he is better trained and can limit himself.) I chose minestrone and the other two wanted mushroom.
The minestrone was one of the best I’ve ever had. The sourness of the tomato based broth was sweetened by the generous amout of celery, carrots and other vegetables. Very flavourfull. The mushroom soup had the rawness of fresh mushroom. Definitely not out of a can and the two enjoyed it.
The fried calamari was nothing special but the caesar salad ($5.90) was genuine with romaine lettuce topped with croutons. The dressing had a tinge of raw garlic which made it really addictive. The portion is big enough for a a main if one is on a diet.
For mains, Mike and I ordered the 250g flame grilled ribeye($19.90), Ivan a sirloin ($13.90) and Aaron the chicken fillet ($8.90). Our ribeye was not done to the medium we requested.  Some parts were too done and some parts too rare. Mike had to return the steak as it was too rare. Also, the plate was cold and did not so justice to the meat. I didn’t mind the rareness but the ribeye had too much tendons streaks. Very unusual as I thought only sirloin had that problem. I complained to the proprietor and he promised to give a feedback to his supplier. (what, no refund?) Aaron took a bite on his chicken and asked me to taste the sauce. He liked it immediately and wanted to know what sauce it was. I had no idea. The main course comes with a choice of two sides. Mike’s coleslaw was so delicious that I decided to order an extra portion($2.20). Then I realised it had that raw garlic taste I like, adding a kick to the salad.
The drink menu was irresistable and I had to try the chocolate milkshake as well as the root beer float($3.90). As a kid, those were my favourite drinks – chocolate milkshake from Faber Inn Restaurant (now closed) and root beer float in a frosty mug from A & W. The milkshake was so thick it tasted like half-melted  ice cream. Sad smile The root beer float did not disapppoint. It was served in a ice cold frosty mug topped with vanilla, just like how I remember it from A & W. Open-mouthed smile Mike was very pleased with his mug of Aggogato (expresso float). Delicious and cheap at only $3.60.
This is a restaurant which I’ll return. It defintely beat having to queue up for 45 mins just to place order at Botak Jones.
Highly recommended if you want good quality cheap western food.

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