NUSS Guild House Bukit Timah – Review

If not for the free voucher given by Suntec Guild, I would never have gone there so many times in 2 months. The first visit was two months ago. Aunt G wanted to eat there but needed my car to drive her (yes, i get invited to many meals because I drive them). It was our first visit. We were impressed by the old colonial house and the singer singing in the courtyard and so chose to go alfresco. Soon, we could feel mosquitoes feasting on us even before our drinks arrived. The waitress kindly lighted up a repellent and we remained on our chosen table, over looking lush greenery from the Botanical Gardens and listening to easy favourites from the 80s.
We shared the 5 course executive set meal ($39.80++) with another order of seafood pasta. The warm loaf of focaccia was a great start. The appetizer was also impressive – raw tuna with salad. The lobster bisque was passable. A lime sorbet in between cleansed our palate before my choice of medium rare rib-eye arrived. When it came, I realised they had served me fish instead of steak after taking two bites. (It was really dark). We tried to notify the waitress and by the time she notified the captain who took our orders, I’ve finished my meal. He volunteered to serve me another plate of steak but we declined, and instead requested a loaf of bread to take home to compensate but he refused, giving us the excuse that they are not allowed to incase we get food poisoning at home. I didn’t understand what he meant but decided to let the incident passed. The experience marred our otherwise enjoyable dinner. By the way, the seafood pasta was also delicious, with fresh prawns and scallops.
The next visit was again with Aunt G. She was on leave and the coupon was expiring. We drove there for lunch. Each of us had the 3-course ($25++). Again the appitizer of great. My medium rib-eye was however tougher (even though it was done perfectly) than the one I had at Botak Jones ($21 for 350g)that was too well done.
Last Thursday, I brought Bee there for lunch as I needed to use my coupon. She chose the fig appitizer and thoroughly enjoyed it and complimented on her pork loin. My steak was so-so only.
Last Friday’s dinner was also there. By now, I roughly expect the kind of standard. I was disppointed to see the same captain serving us. Anyway, yet again, we enjoyed the different appitizers. Some had foie gras while I had seared tuna. Aaron had the lobster bisque and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though he commented he still prefers the one from Jack’s Place. His chicken in liver sauce was also good although he had wanted chicken liver. My niece finished up my seafood lasagna (we were sharing) and the piece of braised lamb I stole from my sister was tender and juicy. The evening was perfect until it was time for our dessert. We waited…and waited…until half and hour had passed. The captain apologised and said everything is handmade and that’s why it took a longer time. Another bullshit from him. I wanted to make a fuss but was shushed by the rest. By the time our dinner ended, it was 11pm! Whether that was true or not, we all enjoyed our desserts, especially Aaron and his molten chocolate cake. Melted chocolated oozes out as soon as you cut the cake, thickening into a fudge around the vanilla ice-cream.
I’ve booked a table there for mom’s birthday dinner on August 14. Aaron can’t wait to taste the molten chocolate cake again. Me too!

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One Response to NUSS Guild House Bukit Timah – Review

  1. Nabueh says:

    Have more molten chocolate cake for your Appetizer!

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