THANK YOU for supporting Hair for Hope 2010

I woke up yesterday and as usual went over to the boys’ room to wake them up. The light from the open doorway illuminated the bald head on Ivan and my heart skipped a beat. I had forgottten about his shaved head. As I looked at his sleeping form, my heart ached. He looked so vulnerable lying there, like those sick kids you watched on TV. The mop of his too-long black hair gone. I reminded myself he had made a choice to shave his head, as compared to the hundreds of kids in Singapore who did not have that choice. They are bald because of childhood cancer. How their mothers’ hearts must ache seeing their kids’ bald heads every morning.
Mike came down and again I had to take a double look. It does take some time getting used to seeing them with bald heads. The only person I’m used to being bald is my ten-month-old nephew Sebby.
Ivan told me he was teased in school yesterday, and there were only two others in his JC who had shaved besides him. I think he must have liked the attention, and the fact that he can now use the beannie his friend gave him last year.
Over all, the four males (Hubby Mike, Sons Andreas and Ivan, brother Nai Min) in my family collected $5555 for Children’s Cancer Foundation. This is possible because of the support given by YOU, our relatives, friends and colleagues (ex and present). So a big THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! For those who still wish to contribute, you can still do so at and key in their names after clicking the shavee’s button.

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