Sex and Society

A friend recently discovered that she was pregnant, eleven years after her last child and thirteen years after the first were born. I’ve heard numerous stories of unexpected late pregnancies. The oldest mother was 52 years old and she bravely proceeded with it, with the support of her husband and 22 year-old daughter. Another friend explained that pre-manopausal women are proned to unexpected prenancies because of the short cycle and hormonal inbalance.
So last week over lunch with an old classmate from RJC, I complained to her about my gynae problem. I may have to do a D & C and a cyst removal that i might as well do a ligation.
You are still having sex? She asked with genuine surprise.
You’re not? I returned, and she laughed away her embarressment.
Then two nights ago, I went on a walk with my new walking partner, a long lost friend from NUS. She lives in Hillview and we agreed to meet at Bukit Batok Park to begin our 4-5km walk. We chatted so well the walk seemed shorter and she suggested another round and so we did a two hour walk. Along the way, I tested her to see if she was ‘outdated’ by asking her view about single girls vacationing with their boyfriends, since she has two daughters. She brushed aside my question.
Aiya, so common nowadays. I see plenty of cases in the poly. And recently while driving to Malacca, we saw many young Singaporean couples staying together in my hotel. I don’t know what I’ll do when the time comes for my daughters, replied my friend, a poly lecturer.
We parted at her condo and I continued my walk home alone. I thought then, what is this society coming to, when people are surprised with married couples, albeit middle age, having healthy sex lives but are nonchalant about singles having sex outside marriage.

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