Oh! My Lady

I bought a few pieces of Korean DVD while I was in China. I was assured by the salesgirl that these are the genuine copies. She had shown me the pirated ones – without plactic boxes. I was skeptical but having tested them at the shop, decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, plus, they cost only RMB25 (S$5).
Well, she lied. They must have recorded the shows either from the internet or from some TV channels, for there were Korean streamers at the bottom. The recording from HD TV was clear, and the English subtitles credible, until you reach the 12th episode, and then suddenly, the name changes, and how a person is addressed also changed. Eg, President became Representative. The last episode was the worst – I couldn’t understand what the English subtitles were saying at all. It was like they cut and pasted the whole dialogue onto google translator and let the program do the translation – the translation is really…literally done. When I complained to my friend SF, she understood perfectly. The M’sian pirates have done the same thing, as they wanted to get the final episodes out as soon as possible and thus the translation is done locally.
Except for these minor irritaions, this DVD was quite fun to watch.
It is a romantic comedy of an ajumma (older woman) Yoon Gae Hwa and a star, Seong Min Woo. Seong Min Woo’s daughter arrives at his door step unannounced and threatens his career. He engages Gae Hwa, a divorced single mother to look after her part time, while she works in a musical production house. Gae Hwa blackmails him to star in the musical despite the fact that he can’t act, as having him would boost the chance of getting financial investment for the musical and her a secured job.
He finds her naggy, irritating but kind and soon falls in love with her. The whole affair with an older woman, together with the leaked news of his daughter, is a threat to his career. He is persuaded by his agent to dump the daughter in an ophanage, but finds he couldn’t leave Gae Hwa and his daughter.
Actress Chae Rim was last seen in Dalia’s Spring and I prefer her in that show. In this show, she is irritating and dumb. Actor Choi Si Won (from Super Junior) is cute and good looking but he does remind me of a gigolo. However, a tendency to overact and not so great dialogues (or was it bad translation) mar my enjoyment to this otherwise light comedy.

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One Response to Oh! My Lady

  1. Nabueh says:

    Aiyah, so obvious lah. How can an original DVD cost only S$5? I remember in Toronto, they have different grades of piracy. Some just scan the original cover and then used an OCR to translate the words (in picture format) into text again. But the words were so fine, the English sentence comes out funny with lots of spelling errors. I have even seen English translation that has nothing to do with the film, just some randomly chosen words from another movie.

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