Another appreciation note

I have lots to appreciate for this week.
My sister and her family arrived from Germany on Monday for a month’s stay and it was great to see them again. Also on Monday, I received a letter from Starhub imforming me of my win of a mini portable speaker, courtesy of CNBC for a contest I took part in April. I’m a sucker for all these small winnings.
Then there is the start of the durian feast. Every year at around this time, my car, house, fridge, hair…would reek of durian smell. Mike’s company has a lorry load full of durians delivered to their offfice weekly – the creamiest, most bitter and strongest smell among all the durians I’ve eaten. Even my nephew Baby Sebby loves it. (One is never too young to start on durians, only too old.)
My neighbour Kim also had been busy this week. On Sunday, she baked me a walnut+dried longan cake, and yesterday, cupcakes with rum-soaked dates. (Actually the cupcakes are for my sister.) Simply delicious.
Kim’s cupcakes
But the biggest, biggest appreciation is probably this story below.
You know how one often reads in the news that after a terrible incident – like a terrorist attack or an airplane disaster, the survivors are quoted saying that just because they deviated from their usual practice that day, either by being late or sick etc, they were saved from being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Well it happened to me on Wednesday. (No disrespect to the survivors indeed for trivalising their experience.)
Usually when I return from dinner, my usual ‘pattern’ is to go straight upstairs to my room for Oprah (Hallmark at 8pm), at the same time putting away all the laundry and doing my toiletry. On Wednesday night, I decided to stay downstairs as I’ve not done my laundry foldings. After Oprah, I continued with Korean soaps (KBS at 9pm). Mike returned at 9+ and was surprised to see me watching TV downstairs. He went up and after 10 minutes, shouted for Ivan to bring up the insecticide. There was a huge cockcroach in our bathroom.
He told me later that I was very lucky I did not go upstairs as usual, for the cockcroach was hidden below the toilet seat cover that was down. He spotted its long antenna moving below the seat cover.
What would you do if it suddenly crawled up on your bare buttocks while you’re sitting on the toilet? He asked, with a hint of a smirk.
I’d probably die of a heart attack, I humoured him.
But I could have really died you know. My greatest fear is a cockcroach and I get goosebumps just imagining it on my body. I do not know what made me stay downstairs that night, for I could have left the laundry till the next day.
I also don’t know who I should be grateful to – the laundry for calling out to me, or Mike for killing the cockcroach.
Still, I’m deeply grateful.

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