Empty nest

Every morning when I feed my ‘chick’, he complains incessantly about the food, unless it’s something with meat in there. My friends crave my home baked bread but he absolutely hates it, telling me it’s too chewy, too thick, the crust too hard, his tooth painful (his molars are changing) etc.
This morning at dawn, we observed the bulbul parents feeding the chicks, now so huge the nest is a tight squeeze.
I told Aaron, look at the (bulbul) chicks, they eat whatever the parents feed them, never complaining.
He replied, cos they are babies.
I told him, not at all, they are teenagers and as a matter of fact, will leave the nest very soon.
Two hours later, while photographing the chicks, Mike went too close and one chick flew out onto the ledge. Mike carried it back to the nest. Mike really needs a lesson in how to photograph wild life, for he did it again a second time and the chick flew over to the neighbour’s house. We saw the parents anxiously observing. Worried, we went over to look for it, found it and returned it to the nest. This time, the other chick flew onto the ledge and over to the neighbour’s.
We left it and now, one hour later, we saw the parents but the chicks are no longer in the nest. As I type this, the nest outside my window remains quiet. I miss the chicks already.
Now I know how empty nest symdrome feels like.

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