Looking your age

There was a storm last Friday as I made my way to Yoga. Some ladies did not turn up but many did. The buzz was on the new male student in the class. The ladies wondered if he’d come, then realising that I have not seen him, they excitedly told me about him.
Young or old? Good looking or not? I asked (I know, so shallow right?), even though another classmate had already texted me the answer to the same question the night before.
Sally, the humourous one gave me this answer: First glance looks old, after that looks young. He is botak, you see.
I laughed and wondered if that is a compliment or not. Would I rather ‘look young at first glance and after that look old’, or ‘look old at first glance and after that young’?
With my son turning 18 on Monday, I asked Mike over lunch on Wednesday if he can imagine having a son that old, the age I was when I first met you.
Mike replied, why not? Last Tuesday at NTUC, the casher asked if I was a senior citizen, cos can get discount on that day.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or to shudder in horror.
Mike continued, as if to pacify himself, I guess they have to ask everybody that right? Just incase. I may look young for a senior citizen, and others may look older than their real age. One can never tell.
I nodded diplomatically. No point putting him down, since he’s paying for this expensive lunch at Chiharu Japanese Restaurant (along Bukit Timah Rd).

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  1. 俊荣 says:

    Keep ourselves full of energy and young!

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