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THANK YOU for supporting Hair for Hope 2010

I woke up yesterday and as usual went over to the boys’ room to wake them up. The light from the open doorway illuminated the bald head on Ivan and my heart skipped a beat. I had forgottten about his shaved head. … Continue reading

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Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell

Before I got addicted to Korean dramas, my time was spent on another TV series on HBO called Sex and The City (SATC). HBO was showing the series only once a week and to feed my addiction, I got my … Continue reading

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Sex and Society

A friend recently discovered that she was pregnant, eleven years after her last child and thirteen years after the first were born. I’ve heard numerous stories of unexpected late pregnancies. The oldest mother was 52 years old and she bravely … Continue reading

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It’s the journey that counts

When I received a letter from the school imforming me that Aaron had been selected to take part in the floral arrangement competition as part of the Garden Festival 2010, I was pleasantly amused. He had previously brought home his … Continue reading

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Marraige Quiz

I was reading this article in Oprah (yes, my favourite mag) and the issue had this quiz to test the state of your marriage. The quiz is about how well you know your partner. As I skim through the first 6 … Continue reading

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Just thinking of rich men

My friend wrote in jest in FB: Stanley Ho flew his private jet to S’pore to buy 猫山王. I so wanna fly to Paris to eat my favourite Vietnamese Pho noodle there. Is he looking for wife no. 6?   … Continue reading

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The order of things

With many of my friends’ kids joining the dating scene, we recently shared some interesting discussions.   Would you allow your daughter to go on a vacation alone with her boyfriend? What about in a group? Would you allow your son’s girlfriend … Continue reading

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