Nando’s Bugis Junction

When the bunch of swakus (country bumpkins) decended into town looking for food before watching The Full Monty, we were at a loss as to where we should go.
Call Cass, she is now very ‘in’, unlike us, one from Jurong Islands, the other from Bukit Batok, suggested Bee.
Cass is an ex-ICI colleague who used to be stationed at our warehouse up north in Woodlands, while Bee and I were at Gateway. Back then, we could name all the eateries located within five km radius of Beach Road. Now, it’s always Chin Chin (the standard is now appalling), chicken rice, Jack Place or worse, Hans. Now, Cass is located at Odeon Towers while we are at ‘swateng’.
How much time do you have? How much do you want to spend? Cass is indeed very thorough.
She suggested Chili Padi, serving Nonya buffet at less than $20. I don’t like Nonya food, even the dessert.
OK, then try the very popular Nando’s. It has taken over Sketchers. They serve grilled chicken. Go now, or there’ll be a queue.
We made our way there. There were many tables still empty and we selected a booth near the window. The music was loud and the waiter soft. (I couldn’t hear the young man half the time.) Bee and I decided to share the Espetada – four pieces of grilled chicken thigh served in a sword skewer hanging vertically, with the oil dripping on an empty plate below. The presentation was impressive. The dish is accompanied by two free side dishes ($21.95). We chose spiced Basmatic rice and grilled vegetables. Our friend Pam decided on Cataplana ($18), a rice dish cooked with grilled vegetables and chicken, served in a brass covered wok. Spiciness? We chose mild, the second level out of four. We decided on salad for starter and although Bee had wanted to try the pumpkin salad in sweet chili sauce, we were recommended the Caesar Salad ($6.95) instead.
I asked the waiter if they serve water. They didnn’t and I mentally striked this restaurant out of my visit-again list. Bee and I ordered Medeira Red ($3.90), a pomagranate soda while Pam ordered a house white.
The chicken thighs were so small we wondered if they imported Mexican Kampong chicken. I tried the bottle of Garlic sauce on the table and it was spicy, probably because I had an ulcer. Bee tried the ‘extra hot’ and loved it. For a restaurant serving spicy food, the no water policy is indeed a torture. Thus we were surprised to find a long queue outside the restaurant when we were done in less than one hour. I should say that the meal arrived rather quickly and looking at our orders, the cooking and ingredients were basically similar, just different presentation.
Other than chicken, there is one ‘beef’ dish…and that’s it. There’s nothing much they offer.
I don’t know how new the restaurant is but my guess is, the novelty will wear off soon.

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