The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

I bought this at a warehouse sale a year back and only got to read it during this trip to Phuket. Other than Erich Segal, who wrote Love Story, Nicholas Sparks is the only other male I know who writes romantic novels.
I enjoy his books, although it can get a bit long winded at times. The pace is slow, and at times predictable.
This story starts with a photo that Logan Thibault found while he was on duty in Iraq as a marine. The photo was like a lucky charm, saving him from being killed numerous times. After his discharge and the accidental death of his best friend, Logan decided to set up on foot to try to search for the woman in the photo, using the details in the background of the photo as clues. He found her and fell in love with her, but her ex-husband is there to create problem for them.
I like his description of the male protagonist, Logan Thibault, calm and sensitive. I didn’t like the female though. Elizabeth (Beth) came across as silly and immature. Sparks’ description of the villian, Keith Clayton, in the novel was also predictable. One wonders how Elizabeth could have fallen in love with him in the first place if he was such a jerk. (That’s why I find her silly.) The novel would have been better of there was a love triangle between the three. Keith Clayton, coming from a powerful family, could have provided the dilemma for her – a wealthy powerful man and the father of her son, and a man from nowhere.
Not the best of his books.

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