It’s not news that Facebook has been in the news lately, even appearing on the cover of Times last week, and snag a column in the June issue of Good Housekeeping.
Sometime in the next few weeks, FB will officially log its 500millionth active citizen – Times. It was only just 6 years ago that Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg helped found FB in his dorm room. So why is FB so popular? It has the advantage over other sites: the emotional investment of its users. FB makes us smile, shudder, fret when no one responds to our witty remarks, snicker over who got fat after high school, pause during weddings to update our relationship status… You can celebrate your niece’s (or nephew’s, in my case) first steps there and mourn the death of a close friend.
Take this survey by Times:
Fill in the blank in this sentence: On average, I spend___hours a day on FB – more time than i spend ____.
When did you join FB- and why?
What is the best or most awkward thing that’s happened to you because of FB?
What would life be like without FB?
Some of the answers are hilarious. Eg : Life without FB?
Like the sky without stars – Indonesian user
Would have to go back to TV or playing solitaire – US user
It would be cold and dark – US user
Personally I think users here spend more time playing games on FB than anything else. My friends run cafes, farms, catch terrorists, bake cheese cakes, want a rabbit/hamster from me, win at mahjong/scrabble/poker, and other than that, I don’t really know what’s going on in their lives. Yes, there are occasional updates, a photo or two, but few rarely share. Perhaps we Asians are more private and shy. Some simply refuse to sign on and rely on others to feed them on the latest news on who and who. Yet others would read my feeds/blogs and then telephone me to discuss instead of commenting publicly. And then there is my son Ivan, who ‘LIKE’ every single things that can be ‘LIKE’ on FB.
Personally, FB have been quite disappointing. I can’t find that hunk from Science fac i used to be interested in (Has he gone fat and bald?), neither can I find 苏心荃 in it.
Still, some people manage to find me after all these donkey years. That pehaps is why i’m still logging in rigourously every day.

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