Brilliant Legacy Korean Drama

The Chinese name for this drama is 灿烂的遗产. So, how do you translate to English? You get two direct translations – Brilliant Legacy or Shining Inheritance.
When my KL friend was here visiting, she recommended this show to me, describing the plot and the story.
Where’s the DVD? I asked.
It’s not mine. She was apologetic.
That same night, I realised that they’ll be showing it on cable every Saturday. Excited, I called her, stressing how the Law of Attraction really works and how the universe grants you your wish. She must had rolled her eyes upon hearing that.
After 14 weeks and 28 episodes, last night was the final two episodes.
Eun Sung father becomes bankrupt and dies suddenly. Her step mother collects his insurance and chases her and her autistic brother out of the house. She loses her brother and receives help from Junse. One day, she rescues an old lady, unaware that she is actually the President of a beef noodle chain of restaurants. The old lady decides to will her company to Eun Sung, which angers her own daughter in law and grandchildren. Hwan, being her heir was especially infuriated with Eun Sung and makes life difficult for her.
Everyone is sure Eun Sung is interested only in the old lady’s money and legacy, and she not only has to prove herself, but also fends off rumours from her step mother and step sister, who is interested in Hwan.
The old lady realises that her old way of spoiling her family with money only results in them being useless beings, which brings me to what primary six classmate, a Taiwanese, told me recently about leaving inheritance to your children.
我儿不如我, 留钱做什么! 我儿胜过我, 留钱做什么!
If my son is less able than me, why leave him money? (He’ll soon squander it off) If my son is more able than me, why leave him money?

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