Woman’s Problem II

So…yesterday I went back for a second consultation with my gynae. It’s my first time seeing this new gynae, since I saw his brother the first time round. He summerized my condition for me and did an internal examination. I can’t get over the embarrassment and just focussed on the monitor hanging overhead while the scope probed around.
The bad news is, the thick lining is still there, despite that i’ve just finished my period. The cysts were also visible, although one had shrunk.
Are you trying for another child? My gynae asked as soon as I sat down after the whole ordeal.
Why is everyone asking me that recently.
No. (Hello, read my age. I’m already so old.)
Are you opposed to taking contraceptives? It’s actually hormone pills to help regulate your hormones and hopefully clear your lining and empty follicles. If not, we’re afraid it may turn cancerous, since it’s been there for a long period. The pills may cause you to have weight gain, pigmentation, acne and mood swings. (huh!!! Aiyo, already having all these problems) Do you get cranky or bad tempered before your period?
I don’t think so. Eye-rolling
I must have sounded unconvincing, for he went on, perhaps I should asked your husband this question instead. (I thought to myself – just like men- to put the blame on PMS.)
He explained how I should take the pills. It’s really confusing. I’ve never taken contraceptives. I do not have a habit of pills-popping. Even taking vitamins or calcium supplements was a problem during my pregnancies. I would simply forget to take them. But in this case, he stressed that I must not forget to take them. Put it next to your toothbrush and take it first thing in the morning.
I thought of the coming vacation, the hassle of it, and was going to ask if there is any other way but decided against it.
Come back to me on the third day of your cycle after you complete two cycles of pills.
My mind did a quick calculation and I thought I must have heard wrongly.
Third day? But wouldn’t it be messy? I felt uncomfortable just thinking about it.
He looked at me with a straight face and replied, leave it to us to deal with the mess. Other men play down there but we work down there.

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