Aaron says the darnest thing

In the car last night.
Aaron: There is a boy in my class with a funny family.
Me: Funny? (I wanted to correct him to use the word dysfunctional but decided against it.) How?
A: He has an older brother who is 21 and a baby brother.
M: Perhaps it’s a step family. You know, from a different set of parents. Remarriage.
A: No, he told it’s the same parents. I calculated, the mother must be 50 years old…or perhaps 40+.
M: If she married young, she could be my age. PAUSE.
    Why? Do you want another baby sibling?
A: When are you getting your menopause? (A new recent vocabulary).
M: Eye-rolling . I don’t know when I’m getting my menopause. Anyway it doesn’t matter, cos i’m not having anymore babies. Already given birth to too many.
A: Haven’t you said you wanted a girl last time, even though now you’re glad you have no daughters. (He read my blog.)
M: No more. You know what I told you about economic theory – cost over benefits? The cost is too high, heart breaks, anger.
A: And also the amount you pay for tuitions……
   But you know what, the benefit is you have us.

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