Scandal in Seoul – Korean Drama

This is a KBS encore telecast. The cast includes Kang Ji-hwan, Han Go-eun, Han Ji-min, Ryu Jin.
Kang Ji-hwan acted in Be Strong Guem Soon, the Korean drama that first started me with the addiction. Although not particularly my genre, Scandal In Seoul hooked me in the first episode because it was so comical. Plus the 30’s costumes – Kang Ji Hwan looks really classy in colourful vests, fancy hats and zany bow ties.
Scandal in Seoul is set during the 1930s when Korea was still under the occupation, or colony of Japan. Seon Woo Wan (Kang) is a playboy working for a sleezy magazine and meets Na Yeo Kyeong (Han Ji Min ), the owner of a book store. She is a freedom fighter and was recruited by Cha Song Joo (Han Go Eun), a famous jisaeng who is also a member of the Animal Worry Organisation, an organisation who has been responsible for assinating pro-Japanese Koreans. Jisaeng is the Korean equivalent of a geisha. Lee Soo Hyeon (Ryu Jin) is the head of Animal Worry organisation who masks as a civil servant working for the Japanese Security Department.
In this drama, it is the supporting stars who outshine the main leads. Cha Song Joo, as a famous jiseang, parades in sexy 30’s fashion and beautiful hanboks, as compared to Na Yeo Kyeong’s boring portrayal, who is dressed in black and white student hanbok thoughout the drama. The chemistry between Kang and Han Go Eun was natural and funny, as the platonic friends Seon Woon Wan and Cha Song Joo banter and tease each other ceaselessly. Lee Soo Hyeon was the typical Mills and Boon man, sombre, expressionless, yet tender and protective towards the weaker sex. His performance, controlled and restrained, was in contrast to Seon Woo Wan’s childish antics and would make him a perfect male lead in a romantic drama indeed.
Although a comedy, the drama has its sad moments, since this is a drama about revolution against the Japanese, death and betrayal are unavoidable.
I hope to see Ryu Jin in another drama soon.
Capital ScandalRyu Jin

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