Donate generously to Hair For Hope 2010

After the Hair for Hope 2009 event, Andreas declared he won’t shave anymore. I was disappointed and reminded him that he had managed to collect over $2000 for cancer patients, a sum he could not have contributed himself. Still, I respected his decision. If I can’t do it, how can I expect him to.
It’s funny how something as trivial as hair can seem important to many people. I know of women who would not cut their hair short. In an Oprah episode on Makeover Your Man, there were men who had not cut or shaved for the last twenty years.
I never did have a close relationship with my hair, because it has never been cooperative. I have more bad hair days than most people. Worse, even on a good hair day, people still can’t tell the difference – still as messy, they tell me. Of course I longed for shiny, straight hair, which my hairstylist assures me can be done through rebonding. My sister has tried that, and the new growth, wavy at the top, made her hairstyle look funny after a while. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to shave too. I tell myself it’s because of the 5x treatment package I’ve just signed up but the excuse sounds lame.
The Hair for Hope 2010 would be held on 25 July at Vivocity. My brother Min had already signed up and as a family male bonding session, Andreas, Mike and even Ivan signed up for it, much to my surprise. Min and I were very sure Ivan would not do it, since he’s often seen caressing his hair into place and we are very proud of his decision, which must have been hard to make.
We wanted to get my sister’s family, who would be in town to sign up to, but nephew Pat is too young and my BIL is already bald. Aaron? He is adament that he won’t do it.
Aren’t you a man? We teased.
Be compassionate, we pleaded.
It’s a family event, we reasoned.
It was futile. His head of hair, which needs a trim every month, is apparently very precious. Like I say, shaving your head takes courage, for you may look ugly, or get teased, or simply be stared at. It took a year for Mike and Ivan to raise that courage to shave this year.
So if you are reading this, please also do your part for cancer kids. They need your money for cancer treatment like chemotherapy and recovery. Please help the males in my family reach their target donation.

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