Summer on Blossom Street – Debbie Macomber

This book reunites the people from all the other books that i have read in the Blossom Street series, which can be a little distracting as I try with difficulty to recall where I’ve seen the names from. The series tells the story of women behind the shops at Blossom Street – Susanah’s Garden, Lydia’s yarnshop, A Good Yarn, Anne Marie’s bookshop. Maeve Binchy uses the same formula of a town. It’s fortunate that I managed to read the book in the correct order, thus the continuation of the story made more sense.
In Twenty Wishes, a book about four widows who meets in a bookshop. Anne Marie, the owner of the bookshop had just lost her husband but adopted a daughter, Ellen. In this book, the story continues with Ellen’s father searching for her. Anne Marie is attracted Tim and fantasizes about the three of them together as a family, only to discover that her attraction is one-sided.
Lydia, who had sufffered a relapse of cancer but found love and a ready family in A Good Yarn, wants to adopt a baby. She is asked to foster a twelve year old girl instead for two days, which stretches to a few months, allowing the family to bond and subsequently adopt the girl instead.
Another character from Twenty Wishes was Alix, who had met her Jorden in Twenty Wishes and is now trying for a baby. She joined Lydia’s new class Knit to Quit to try to get rid of smoking.
A new couple in the book was a refreshing addition. Hutch was advised to take up knitting to relax and as a physiotherapy for his injured thumb. His meets Phoebe, who is trying to quit her fiancee and falls in love with her.
The book’s constant reference to knitting reminded me of the knitting I did as a teenager. I did not have the patience for it, even though I managed to knit a baby coatee with pants for my life size baby doll. I hated the counting of stitches. My sis had better patience and knitted a couple of tops of herself and mom. She still have one unfinished project from eons ago.
This book includes the pattern for the Cable Sampler Scarf the class learned in Knit to Quit. Dare you try?

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