My Surprise Mother’s Day

My family usually celebrate Mother’s Day the week before, because the relatives do not want to pay extra or rush with the crowd. Hence, we also forfeited the many freebies that restuarants dish out for mothers on this day. Technically also, our Mother’s day celebration is meant more for my Granny and MlL than for me, as I don’t get anything other than eat.
So it was a nice surprise that just before leaving for dinner on Sunday, my older sons came home from their jamming session and presented me with a box of cake, a card signed by all three and a jar of sweets. I was really touched. This is the first Mother’s Day gift that I’ve received from them, if you discount the obligatory cards made in kindergarten when they were younger.
I asked Ivan, who gave me the jar of sweets, why he would buy me that. He replied that because there are messages in the candies.
Really? I opened the jar and peered closely with my ‘old flower eyes’ (which is really bad now, but that’s another story). True enough…there were.
I got the message, dear sons.

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