My Lovely Sam Soon

I’ve really become a TV addict. I swear my eye sight has deteriorated because of too much TV. Even Aaron commented I have such a good life, watching TV all day, to which i reply, that’s because I worked hard when I was your age and can afford to do so now. Would you rather play now and work hard at my age, or work hard now and play at my age?
I bought this DVD bacause of the actress Kim Sun Ah. She was so funny in City Hall and this show came highly recommended in the cyber world.
This was the highest rated drama in 2005.
Kim Sam Soon hates her name because it’s associated with certain nickname which I didn’t get it. Her grandfather named her in anger as they were expecting a boy after two girls but she came instead. Sam Soon wants to change her name but her mother refuses to let her. This year, she turns 30 and finds that her boyfriend of three years has cheated on her. She finds a job as a pattisier in a restaurant and falls for the owner, a man younger by three years who is nursing a broken heart. His girlfriend, a slim pretty medical student returns from US and they patches up, but he finds himself falling for Sam Soon instead.
I didn’t like the male lead Hyun Bin although many touted him as very good looking. He’s not charismatic enough for Kim Sun Ah, although he is still likeable. Jung Ryu Won (the girl friend) and Daniel Henny (now seen in US drama Three Rivers) (her US doctor)are like vases in the drama, used because of their good looks than any acting skills or important parts.
The drama has many laugh out loud moments. This was quoted by an unmarried woman who laments the difficulty of getting a good man:
1. Nice men are ugly.
2. Handsome men are not nice.
3. Handsome men who are nice are married.
4. Handsome men who are nice and single are not competent.
5. Hansome men who are nice, single and rich are not intersted in us.
6. Hansome men who are nice, single, rich and interested in us will probably cheat.
7. Hansome men who are nice, single, rich, interested in us and not cheat are gay!
Hilarious right? If I’m single now, I would probably think the same thing.
Then there is this test to check how you would react based on your blood group, according to Sam Soon:
What would you do if you found out that there is no toilet paper after doing a big one in a public toilet?
The strong willed and patient blood type A waits until the janitor comes by.
Blood type B has strong love for oneself and will use his two fingers.
The rational blood type AB uses the tissues in the bin that someone has thrown away after using.
Blood type O doesn’t bother with trivial thing like that becasue he can always wipe himself later.
So, which type are you?
If you’ve not seen the show, get the DVD.

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4 Responses to My Lovely Sam Soon

  1. Nabueh says:

    Nobody can predict or guarantees that when he works hard now, he can watch TV all day at your age. In fact, all my cousins watch lots of TV when they were young and now they still watch lots of TV when they want. Your "theory" about "hard work"= "minus" and "Play" as a "plus" with a person’s life being a zero-sum game is flawed.

  2. Vicky says:

    Whatever. You obviously do not know how to ‘bian kinna’ (bluff kids). Are you also saying that you work hard when u’re a kid and still work hard now, and has no time for TV still?

  3. Nabueh says:

    No lah. Seriously, I’ve never worked hard as a kid. Never worked hard as a student. In NUS, come chinese New Year I would play, play and play until the school year started again in July. Nor have I worked hard as an adult (working less than 20 hours a week for 7 months a year). The only time I started working hard is when my daughter is born and I changed her diaper 90% of the time. Then playing with her (and babysiting her) whenever I have the time.

  4. Vicky says:

    Just so you know, you are one lucky man.

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