Beethovan Virus – Korean Drama

During a visit to a DVD shop in Singapore with my friends from KL, I pointed out that this show had good ratings and I wanted to watch it (but don’t want to spend money on the DVD). So my friend, SF, kindly bought it for herself and loan me the DVD. She was amazed that we can get cheap and genuine DVDs here that comes with proper English subtitles. It’s great to have friends with the same interests and we can share stuff like books and korean drama DVDs. Alas she lives 500km away.
Beethovan Virus introduced me to many great classical hits and taught me a thing or two about symphony orchestra. (Granted some may be grossly exaggerated.) It follows the standard formula of a girl caught between a mean (yes, very mean) teacher/mentor and another kind-hearted colleague/classmate/friend who loves her (think medical drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee). It follows a group of underdog musicians whose dream is to play in a symphonic orchestra. But because they do not possess the necessarily qualifications, their struggle to perform depends largely on the help of Maestro Kang, a conductor so mean he’s dubbed ‘Orchestra Killer’.
Still, the script is well written with the dialogues for the mean and arrogant Maestro Kang very funny. When he was told that his concert received rave review, he replied, of course, anyone with half a ear could hear that. I like what he said about dreams, to the many musicians who are caught in dilemmas between other commitments and to play in the orchestra because of family or work or financial stiuation, yet they dream about performing on stage.
How can it be a dream when you didn’t work hard for it? It’s just an illusion, like a mirage in a desert, a meaningless and worthless illusion. A dream is something you strive for, something that you make sacrifices for or at least plan for, that’s a real dream.
Another plus in this show is Jang Geun Suk, whom i last watched in He’s Beautiful, but what a completely different portrayal now.
I’m sure SF will enjoy him as well. Wink

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