Anatomy of the Breast

My classmates at the Friday yoga class at Clementi SSC are a fun lot. We have many class clowns, who are not ashamed to make fun of themselves.
Last week just before class started, we were discussing the Mediacorp’s Star Award on TV. The topic was, which has more class or crass – a low cut dress which shows off your cleavage from the top, or one that shows off your side cleavage, as was worn by Joanne Peh.
Sally immediately protested that she cannot wear this dress – 人家露一粒, 我露三粒! (How do one translate this and still make it funny?)
It was hilarious, because we were all thinking of the same thing!
(Some English vocab lessons here, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Cleavage is the cleft between a woman‘s breasts lying over the sternum revealed by a garment with a low neckline.

When the lateral aspects of the breasts are uncovered, it is known as side cleavage, sidewinders or sideboob. Exposure of the underside of the breast, such as below an extremely short crop top, is known as neathage.)


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