My car number was first prize last weekend!

In the early nineties, I was selling Du Pont’s Engineering plastics and was driving an almost ten year old Nissan Sunny which had belonged to my uncle, who I was working for.
At a visit to Tong Aik Plastic in Eunos one day, the security guard came up to me and exclaimed, waa, your car first prize last weekend, how much did you win? He didn’t believe me when I said I don’t buy 4D. At least not on a regular basis, but on an ad hoc one. He wasn’t the only one who had noticed. Apparently 4D punters in Singapore have good memory. Even weeks after the win, I still had people approaching me about it.
Yesterday, my neighbour was trimming her mango tree, a rare sight to see her working in the garden. I went over to tell her that the mango which she had given me last week was sour.
She then broke the news to me. You know the van license number you gave me? I took D’s advise (another neighbour) and went to buy 4D instead of reporting him to the police. I told my husband about it and he said I should have bought your car number instead of the mango thief’s, since you were the one who saw the theft. And you know what, your car number was first prize last weekend.
I quickly ran home to check if Mike bought. He didn’t of course. Even if he did, we would not have broken even. My car is almost 4 years old.

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