Appreciation Note

Yesterday turned out like any ordinary day, except that it turned out exceptionally well. I woke up and reconnected with a Sec 3/4 classmate in FB whom I’ve not seen since I left NY. Looking at her photo now, almost thirty years later, I wouldn’t be able to recognise her. Like me, she too is in contact with two other classmates and through her, I’m trying to contact one, whom I’ve missed dearly. What with age and new names, even with FB, it’s still difficult to locate all my sec 3/4 classmates, so I was really happy to hear from her.
I’ve stopped my Wed pilate class and yesterday brought a welcome freedom. I booked an appointment for facial and finished before noon, plenty of time to return home before Aaron. But before that, I stopped by at Hilton to picked up a 3D handbag cake for my Aunt E’s birthday. Parking behind Hilton at the URA’s public parking lot requires patience, especially around noon. I was prepared to wait, but a car moved out just in front of me. As anyone who owns a car will know, if you get a parking lot when least expected, it really makes your day.
This week happens to be secretary week. The handbag cake was going at a special rate of $25 if you are a secretary, for others, it’s $35. I negotiated with the counter stuff and managed to buy it at $25, providing Mike’s name card as proof that I’m his secretary with no namecard.
Last night, Bee and I went to Marina’s Square for a movie. Wednesday at GV Marina is Ladies night. Every purchase of ticket for an after 5pm movie entitles a lady to get a free bottle of ice tea and a goody bag worth $200. (They say lah! Indeed there was a complementry 60 min massage or facial voucher.) I’m a sucker for free gift. This was awesome – free gift with movie.
The show, Date Night, starring Steve Carrell and Tina Fey was laugh out loud funny. It’s about how a married couple becomes excellent roommates after marriage and how they stole another couple’s reservation which led to a wild goose chase because of mistaken identity. 
While waiting for Mike to pick me up, I decided to tidy my sms messages by deleting the outdated ones. Among them, a few ‘thank you’ notes – one from my Aunt E for the suprise cake, another from a friend for the flexseed bread and a few others for some events last week.
What a wonderful way to end my day.  

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