Conversations with my ♂s

Last Friday after my trip to the hair salon (which is very rarely, like every 3 months), the two ♂s in the house did not even notice my new hairdo. I prompted their attention to it. Mike didn’t see any difference as usual, and Aaron commented that I look like his Chinese teacher now that she has also straightened her hair.
But who looks better? I asked.
Aaron looked up from his packet of economic rice, pondered for a few seconds while i swinged my hair around, and replied, I’m not sure. Disappointed
Saturday, on TV was a trailer for the Korean drama Brillliant Legacy. It urged, you can watch it first on Demand TV without having to wait for the weekly Saturday night episodes.
I turned to Mike and remarked that thanks to my self discipline, I’m saving him money by just watching the series on Saturday nights and not on Demand TV. Without even looking up from his newspapers, he replied, Oh, I thought when you said self discipline, you meant you’re not watching it at all. Sarcastic
While reading the Chinese papers ZB, Mike read out that PM Lee was quoted as saying he married Ho Ching because she was ‘capable’. Hmm… I wonder if I’d be pleased if my ♂ married me for my capability. I asked Mike why he married me. I could see the wheels in his brain cranking faster and he blurted out something which I’ve now forgotten.
So last night, I asked him again why he married me. He didn’t understand my question until I reminded me about PM Lee and his capable wife.
What was the adjective you used this afternoon? (I truely forgot.) I asked my♂ in the toilet.
From the safety of the bathroom, he said he forgot too. Then he continued, must there be a reason for me to marry you? Eye-rolling
It’s no wonder they say women and men are from different planets.

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