Two Dramas in a Week

Last week was something of an accomplishment for me. I finished reading one thick book and watching two Korean drama series. So now, I’m a bit lost, reluctant to start on a new book or a new series.
The first series was a DVD set borrowed from my friend in KL. The trouble with KL DVDs is that even though the box sets look authentic, they are mostly pirated and copied from cable. The English subtitles is atrocious, not just grammar or spelling, but you would not be able to understand a single sentence, even though you can read the words. So my friend resorted to read the Malay subtitles and I had to read the Chinese one, in traditional Chinese. Anyway, this thriller-comedy, with a weird title called ‘Don’t Ask Me About The Past’ is about a woman who developed a keen sense of smell after an accident on her wedding day such that she can see any men’s past encounters with women when she sniffed on his clothes. She discovered that her husband had been unfaithful and divorced him on the same day. She then set up a PI agency helping other women, often catching the men having trysts. Some of the incidents are hilarious. There is one man whose wife suspected him of having an affair, only to find out that he is working as a facial therapist, thus he is often seen in a vision caressing women’s faces. Another man, a stage actor, was found to be a porn actor as he was trying to earn more in preparation of his wedding. Intertwined in the story is the mystery surrounding her own mother’s death. Quite interesting.
The other Korean drama is from Starthub Demand Channel, called ‘He’s Beautiful’, currently the top drama in a poll conducted by I felt this is a copycat from SBS of Boys Over Flowers from KBS. It’s an idol drama, about how a convent girl was forced to impersonate her twin brother to join a boy band made up of three boys. Like Boys Over Flower, she falls in love with the leader who was initially mean to her, despite there being another gentle guy who is kind and takes care of her.
Aaron watched the drama and commented he can’t believe no one suspect him of being a girl. I agree. It’s quite unbelievable. But it was a light romantic drama which was an enjoyable accompaniment whenever I have my lunch.
So there. Watch them only if you have no better show to watch.

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