OSIM Triathlon 2010

Every year for the past 6 years, the boys have been participating in the OSIM Triathlon. On that event day, we have to get up at 5.30am, struggle to load three bikes onto the car and then drive all the way to East Coast Park, praying along the way that we can get a parking close by to the event site.

Last year, Aaron and Ivan missed the race, despite signing up for it – Aaron because he had suspected H1N1, and Ivan because of his Chem tuition just prior to his prelims. I stayed home too.

This year, they were all looking forward to it.

On Saturday, I woke up at 5am to start preparing everything. Breakfast, water bottles, towels. Still, we only managed to leave the house at 6.30am and drove over over to Faber to collect the bikes. Mike struggled to load two race bikes and one kids’ bike onto the rack. It almost did not fit.

As usual, there was a jam at the service road at East Coast and we did not even bother to join the queue, but turned right to a car park further down the road. It’s a longer walk to the event site but I enjoyed the morning stroll, even though I was carrying all the stuff while the boys cycled off.

The boys are now pro to triathlons. They knew exactly what to do. Enter the transition area to park the bikes, then go for body marking (so that they can be identified in the water) and get ready the gears for the swim event.

Ths year, I was well prepared. I brought along a mat for the beach, and was surprised that the turf has now been converted into a beach (not a strand of green grass at sight, not even at the BBQ area). We spread the mat on the sand and I accompanied Aaron to the swim start. Aaron was in wave 4. The parents were all anxiously crowding at the start. You can see the kind of families that take part in the event by the attires flaunted by the parents, announcing the different races they had participated themselves – Marathon finishers, Sundown Marathon finishers, Bintan Triathlete etc. Many parents were also taking part that day. One family spotted expensive bikes for the whole family, even their aero-dynamic helmets looked expensive.

As Ivan’s wave would follow Aaron’s wave shortly, Mike and I separated to try to cover the photography at different sites. As we were discussing where he should be stationed after Aaron’s swim, another mother next to me laughed and commented that the parents were even busier. Her husband was also covering her at the run track.

The two younger boys finished the race rather quickly, both doing 200m swim, 5km bike and 2 km run. Next we had to wait for the Junior Sprint event, which Andreas was taking part in.

Dark clouds loomed at the horizon and we could see it approaching fast. The organizer decided to wait out for the clouds and rain to pass. It was a 2 hr wait with no clear sky in sight, so the swim leg was cancelled, resulting in many grouses. As a parent, I was happy. Considering how many deaths had occurred during the past triathlons, it was good that no chances were taken. The current can be very strong. I knew, as I had witnessed the boys struggling during a past event. At the time, a few boys had to be towed up by rescuers.

By the time we finished yesterday, it was another mad rush home. Andreas had another free style run at the Padang at 3pm, and Ivan has a 3.30pm Chem tuition. We were all dead tired, especially Mike. It was no wonder he broke his precious camera, as he stood up thinking his camera was hung on his neck, but it was just resting on his lap.

Oh well, it’s a good excuse to upgrade to a brand new camera now. 

Well Done Boys! You should be proud of yourselves.



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