Social diary of a stay home mom

On Friday, I received an invitation from one of my yoga mates to attend a Mother’s Day party. This is organized by a group of mothers from my yoga class and they have been doing it for the past three years. The party has been extended to friends of friends who are mothers as well. It’s informal and would be held at the BBQ pit next to the Pandan canal where I jogged. Dinner is a buffet and there’s be games and lucky draws.
The three of us who were invited were quite reluctant. After all, we don’t really know the people.
Don’t worry, she assured us, that lady just now, she too was reluctant to come last year but after that, she enjoyed herself so much.
We’re waiting for our kids to celebrate for us, my friend said as an excuse.
Aiya, what can the kids do, just a card, some flowers and perhaps dinner? This is for us mothers. The lady was persistant.
We promised we’ll consider, but I don’t think I’ll go, unless of course my friends go as well.
Next Wednesday, my Tuesday (different from Friday) yoga teacher is organizing a walk at Hort Park followed by a short yoga session at Vivo and then a meal. My partner couldn’t go and I was prepared not to go when a friend from pilate class, whom I had introduced to this Tues beginner’s class asked if I would accompany her. I agreed, as I did not want to disappoint my teacher. Her usually stern face broke into a smile when I told her I changed my mind and will now go.
Being a stayed home mom for ten years has changed me from an extrovert to this lazy sloth who prefers to chill up at home reading and watching TV. I was never a social butterfly when younger, having got married at 23 and missing out on the nighclubs and discos scene which I see my cousin attending frequently on Facebook now. But I was in Sales and Marketing for ten years and have my fair share of making small talks at social events quite often. Now, a night out usually means movie and dinner with girl friends or Mike. I guess my fellow stay-home-mums feel the same way. It takes a lot to get us out of our comfort zone.
Next Friday evening, CTSS will be presenting a ‘Friends of CTSS award’ to me for my participation in the PSG committee for the past two years.
My social calandar is getting busier.  

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