Another Appreciation Note

To my utter displeasure, my SIL’s friend moved into my mother’s house yesterday just prior to their departure for Japan. She has broken up with someone and has moved out. I was not pleased because the house would be empty, except for this stranger and the two month old maid. Mom expects me to take care of everything at her house during her absence, so I was pissed at not being consulted before hand. My bro claimed that it was inconvenient for her to move in with her family. Of course he didn’t bother to consider the fact that it would be inconvenient for his own family, even if I’m not sleeping there, I’m still living there part time and contributing in every sense/cents to that household.
She must be desperate to move into her friend’s IN-LAW’s house, when the family members are not even there. That got me thinking, if I were in her situation, where can i move to? Wait…Stop… Why should I even think about moving out of my own house in any event? Having said that, I suddenly can now empathize why a friend, despite being emotionally estranged from her husband, choose to continue living in her matrimonial home. That’s a reason why women should NEVER EVER move into their boyfriend’s house.
But back to my hypothetical situation. With whom can I move in with? I remember my mother moving us kids to my granny’s house when I was a teen. My uncle had to share his room with his sister and nephew while my sister and I shared my three aunts’ room for a few months. (I wonder if Ade still remember the bus stop incident that caused us to be late for school.) Of course I could always moved in with my mother, although i won’t have a room now and would either have to share her bed or sleep on the couch. I guess my granny wouldn’t mind me sleeping on her rosewood bench but it would be a tad uncomfortable; or I’m quite sure my Aunt E would be more than happy to accomodate me in her spare bedroom.
Among my friends, I would never want to intrude and impose on the married ones. The single close friends are still staying at home or that’s out too. I know my friend in KL would not hesitate to take me in her nice condo; and I guess at the very last resort, I can take a 14-hours’ flight to Frankfurt and stay with my sister, something I don’t very much fancy.
Thus, I’m thankful for the handful of people I can depend on if i’m suddenly made homeless (without incurring anyone’s wrath), but I’m most thankful of all to my loving and understanding husband, who would never ever let me be in that situation.

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