Women in the Sun – Korean Drama

My mother’s friend lent her two DVDs and one of them is this. It took me about two weeks to finish the 20 episodes. I rushed through it, one reason was because Mum might want it back after she finishes the other, but also the story was very exciting.
I should warn that the review contains spoiler, but no one really cares – like me. I watched the last episode halfway between the episode 11 or 12, as I couldn’t wait to find out how the story ended.
One man, an industrialist, committed a murder twenty something years ago, and framed it on his driver. The driver was sent to jail, and his family broke up, with the daughter ending up in an ophanage. The girl was adopted by a childless professor couple, who chose her in favour of another boy they initally’d chosen and renamed her Do Young. When the girl was twelve, the couple miraculously gave birth to a baby girl. The mother started treating Do Young differently, preferring her own biological daughter, Ji Young. When Ji Young was five, Do Young took her to the train station and abandoned her there. The mother was devastated by the loss of her daughter and suspected Do Young of being involved in it.
Do Young grows up to be an ‘announcer’ with her own talk show. She leads the life every woman is envious off – rich, successful, and engaged to a equally successful and handsome man. Her mother treats her coldly and often berates her in public, but Do Young takes it all in with a smile and no resentment. Meanwhile, she meets Ji Young, now known as Sa Wol, a personal shopper. By chance, she discovers that Sal Wo is Ji Young and tries all ways to prevent her from meeting their family, even though both have been searching for each other.
The drama touches you as you sympathize with Du Young and understand why she treats her sister so cruelly. When Ji young finds out the truth, she accuses Do young of abandoning her not once, but twice. In between, there is a love quandrancle between the girls and the men whom they thought they love. I didn’t like the ending where Do Young’s fiance, Jun Sae, later discovers that he loves Ji Young, whom he knew as a child when he visited her ophanage where she grew up. It was too simplistic an ending. 
Nevertheless, the storyline is captivating. Highly recommended.

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5 Responses to Women in the Sun – Korean Drama

  1. rayhaan says:

    oh,,,why dont u like the ending of that story,,,i really2 like that because lastly junse with ji young,,

    • vickychong says:

      Cos I don’t like men who 疑情別戀 (transfer love). He should have stayed to see Do Young through the end. By stealing her sister’s love, Sa Wol also did not deserves my sympathy at the end.

      • Adeline says:

        But Doyoung does not love Jun Sae so how can you say Sa Wol stole her sister’s love. Why should Do Young get all the men ? What she did was really unforgivable and I don’t sympathize with her at all.

      • vickychong says:

        I agree most would feel like you.

  2. chinez says:

    Jun sae shouldnt have left his fiance Do young that easily…this shows he doesnt love her in the first place. And i remembered he treated ji young as he’s little sister so how could then fall in love with her?

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