Impromptu Trip

Months before, Andreas told us that his coach wanted him to take part in a TKD competition in KL. The calandar was marked and we gave him the money to pay for his trip. Weeks before, he asked his father if he could accompany him. The thought of going alone or sharing a room with his coach was daunting. His dad agreed, and gave him money to pay for his trip.
Two weeks ago, Mike pointed out that they’ll be away during the school holidays. My eyes brightened and we quickly asked Andreas if his coach could book for another two. He could and we were grateful he was so accomodating to us.
So on Friday, the four of us, leaving Ivan at home, took a cab to Aeroline Bus terminal. We met Andreas’ coach, a jovial man of 56 years old, with 9 dune black belt under him. He told us confidently, in order to save money, we’ll get the return bus ticket from KL. If no ticket? No problem, just go to central and get any bus tickets home, sure have one. Worse come to worst, take MC on Monday lah, he told Aaron.
He was full of praise for Aeroline bus. Very good, you’ll see, he assured us. I couldn’t wait. Could it be better than first class Transtar with massage chair and personal monitor? The double decker was rather cram, and did not have much leg room for my barang of newspapers, drink bottles, books and cardigan and Mike’s camera bag. But it’s ok, even though there was no massage chair or personal monitor. There was food and drinks served, and I was ready to finish up my book, Animal Farm.
We arrived at Sunway Lagoon, the terminal for Aeroline in KL, and was promptly told there was no more tickets. My heart started racing then and I quickly sms-ed my friend to bring a laptop along when she comes over later. The coach struck up a conversation with an Indian man who turned up to me our cab driver. We took a long 30 mins journey to our hotel, which was actually located closeby, but Fri afternoon in KL – expect jam, which was made worse by a bad accident.
Our hotel, Subang Park Hotel is located at the corner of a four storey shop house building. For 78RM, I wondered how bad it can be. Well, a man arrived after us and asked for a room for two hours. How much? 44RM. Why not get 4 hours for 68RM? He agreed. I looked out and his lady friend was waiting outside. I told Mike what I heard, and Andreas asked, why not just stay the whole night for just 78RM? More worth it.
The first room they showed was small, with twin beds (definitely won’t be used for hourly rate rooms) and a LCD TV on the wall that had poor reception. The toilet/bathroom had no compartment and has a instant heater. At least the room has a window with a view of the back of another building. Mike and I were given another room at the opposite end of the corridor. (We requested for same floor, pointing to the kids, and the lady obliged even though they were full.) It was in the middle of two corridors, and a window reviewed another room along the back corridor. The queen bed had a spread over it and I quickly stripped the bed, as I recalled an episode of Oprah where she said the bedspead is the dirtiest as it’s never washed, and the show had said they even found semen stains on some. There was only a thin sheet under as a blanket, that means I needed to use the spread as a quilt. I shivered as I imagined myself sleeping under that and also from claustrophbia. As I sat on the bed, I could feel the spring coils under. Needless to say, the sag was bad in the middle.
My friend LK arrived to our rescue and I quickly tried to book Transtar. They were full. Since we were at Subang, I tried Firefly (Airline), and managed to get four tickets out at 12.40 flight for Sunday at 250RM each. (Very lucky, as the flight was full when we boarded.)
My friends in KL were very understanding. Everything was impromptu arranged as I had no itinerary for the trip, including what time Andreas would be available for dinner. It was like…go with the flow.
Thanks to my friends in KL and their warm hospitality, the company and food more than compensate for any discomfort we had – crabs every night, Klang Bakuteh for breakfast yesterday, and an impromptu jam (music, not traffic or food spread) session for Andreas at CE’s place.
Thanks friends, for making us feel so welcome.

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