Christmas Letters – Debbie Macomber

This book I read super fast, while travelling on a bus from Bukit Batok to Orchard. Katherine O’Conner is a freelance medical transcripter in Seattle who goes by the name K.O. She takes on a job to write Christmas letters for  people who are too busy to write, or just do not know how to write, thus the title of the book.
This book incorporates many familiar people and scenes from Blossom Street, where K.O. lives in a condo. One day, she meets Wynn Jeffries, a child psychologist who had written a best seller book about parenting a ‘free child’, is, allowing the child to do as he/she pleases. K.O.’s sister Zelda swears by the book, resulting in her twins now behaving terribly. Worse, the book do not believe in Santa and so Zelda wants to do away with Christmas this year. This led K.O. to have a confrontation with Wynn at a cafe they both frequent. Then, while attending a cocktail party by her neighbour LaVonne, she finds out that Wynn lives in the penthouse in her block.
LaVonne sets up a date for K.O. and Wynn, who fell in love, only to breakup at the end because of a difference in opinion in parenting, with Wynn accusing K.O. of not respecting his career.
Would they overcome this obstacle?
This is a ok book. The characters are not especially attractive but the book did help me pass time in an otherwise boring journey.

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