Choosing playmates

My sister A telephoned me recently and related the tale of how my niece, Nat, was strangled (yes, someone’s hand was around her neck and squeezing tightly!) and slapped in school by a classmate. The girl might have some sort of disorder and was often being reported to the principal. When she first strangled Nat, my sis told Nat to stay away from her, and refused her mother’s invitation for a play date. So when Nat rejected the girl’s invitation directly in her face, she was slapped on the left and right cheeks. I was shocked when I heard that. My sis told Nat to stay away from that girl, but soon after the incident, while picking Nat up from school, my sister was irked when Nat waved and greeted her cos Nat had felt sorry about her.
So stupid right? A asked me.
Apparently this runs in the family. I had also warned Aaron to stay away from a boy but still there is problem.
Recently I received a complaint from a neighbour that Aaron had pinched her son in the school bus that had left a mark on his chest. Aaron first denied that it was him, and then claimed that it was an ‘accident’. Although the mother was very nice about it and told Aaron not to be so rough with her son, I was quite indignant that she should interfere with what appeared to be a small incident.
This morning, she approached us in the bus stop and asked if Aaron had tored her son’s project work. Again, Aaron claimed it was an accident. She repeated to Aaron not to be so rough. After she left, I interrogated him and he said that the corner of photo had already detached when he took over to see it.
I have a problem with Aaron’s honesty and often suspect him of lying, and in this case, I still do not know what had happened, but had advised him to stay away from the boy. The boy suffers from ADHD and I can understand that his mother is protective, but I don’t want anymore complaints, not that I want to ostracize him, but enough is enough.
So Aaron, please stay away from him.

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