Snow Bride – Debbie Macomber

Yesterday at the library, I realise I couldn’t remember which of the DM books I have borrowed and read. There’re different covers for the same title. It’s the same with book purchase. I had bought books at Borders that I’ve already owned and would returned them sheepishly one week later. So, this book review is more for my record.
This is a ‘romantic comedy’ novel which I enjoyed so much I finished it in two days, also because all my books are dued today and I needed to return them.
Jenna is a PA from Seattle who is in love with her boss Brad, who is married to his work. Although secretly in love with him for six years, he has never shown the slighlest interest in her. So for four months while in a poetry website, she chatted with Dalton who lives in Beesley, Alaska. In the whim of a moment, she quits her job and decides to go to Alaska to meet with Dalton. Only Dalton, who is supposed to meet her does not turn up as plan. She turns to Reid for help to fly her to Beesley. Reid, after hearing that she is meeting Dalton, decides to save her from doom by ‘kidnapping’ her to his town of Snowbound instead. He intends Jenna to talk to his sister about Dalton, but his sister, the only female in the town of 6 is not there. Moreover, there is a storm appraoching and thus, Jenna is trap with Reid for three days. During the three days, she meets with the town population of the other three old men and likes them. Of course Reid and Jenna is deeply attracted to each other but does not admit it, until three days later, when Jenna’s mother appears in Snowbound with Dalton, follows by Brad (Jenna’s boss) with a marriage proposal.
Dalton, the jerk aside, how does Reid compete with Brad, the tycoon Jenna is love with for 6 years? How can he expect her to leave civilisation to reside in a tundra (flat land in Artic)?
Reading the book has renewed my yearning to go to Alaska, which I hope to go soon to see the Northern Lights. Of course, I would first have to brave the cold and wonder what I’ll do for the rest of the time there, since there is only one hour of daylight there in winter.

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