The signs of aging

My friend sent me a joke on aging, which I thought was a bit pre-mature of her, since i’m far too young to see the funny side of it…yet.
I thought I’ll come up with a list of my own, at least to show what I’m experiencing now.
1. Always wanted to wear a crown, either by winning Miss Universe or marrying Prince Andrew. Now the only crown I’m wearing is on my tooth – this friday!
2. Always wanted to be thin. Now the only part of my anatomy I’ve been told that is thin is my hair.
3. Never felt the need to read fine prints. Now all prints look fine to me.
4. Used to boast to my friends about my knee pain from running marathon. Now all my friends are having knee pain.
5. My son thinks that the pop idols I like are all dead. Actually, some are – Andy Gibb, Lesley Cheung, but not Liu Wen Zheng!
6. Never thought I’d use this phrase on my kids so often : when I was your age…
7. The leading men in the shows/dramas/movies are all younger than me…big sigh!
8. Used to look forward to being in my twenties… like in the Lin Ching Hsia movies I watched over Channel 61 recently when Starhub gave free viewings for all channels during CNY. Now that number relates to my wedding anniversaries (married 22 years this year!).
9. When dyeing my hair used to be for fun, now it’s a necessity.
10. Used to blame the weather if I feel hot. Now I wonder if it’s hot flush I’m experiencing and have to check with Mike on the temperature.
There you have it – the perils of women my age.

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Just an ordinary woman.
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