Conversation R(21)

Last night, my ex-neighbour D sms-ed me to see if I’m interested to watch Chippendales. In my mind, I was wondering if this is a musical, stage show or movie about chipmunks. Why would she invite me to watch kiddie shows, musical or not. So i replied that I didn’t know what Chippendales is.
She texted back : Chippendales are a group of male strippers from Las Vegas and they are performing here for 5 nights only.
I replied her : only if it’s free and they go full monty.
At dinner, I asked my girl friends from KL who are in town if they have heard of Chippendales. The term ‘chipmunks’ came out again. I explained to them what it was.
The proper one sitting next to me shook her head with disapproval on hearing my reply: Tsk tsk tsk!
I defended myself : Why pay to see unless it’s full monty when you can see anything less (or more) for free at any public pool?
The ‘I-thought-was-also-proper’ one sitting diagonally opposite me immediately leaped up from her chair in excitement : Take me, take me. I’m still single and at this age, I may never get to see any…!
Blame it on the bottle of Black Opal Cabernet Merlot we had for the hilarious night.
PS: Just in case anyone is interested, D explained that Singapore government does not allow Chippendales to go full monty, even through they’re willing cos the weather is so hot here. Oh well…

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