Memory Loss

My MIL often laments that she is going 痴呆 (senile) whenever she catches herself forgetting something. I comfort her by telling her although i’m younger, i’m just as forgetful. Last night, she took out our box of fresh冬虫草 from Korea and found that it had turned mouldy. I had told her to use it within six months but she had promptly forgotten all about it. Thus my heart ached as we watched over hundred dollars worth of herb go down the trash.
When my sister read my blog about our expat teacher, nicknamed 地中海 because of his bald patch, she cracked her head the whole night trying to recall his real name but to no avail. So, she emailed all her secondary schoolmates, very sure at least one of them would be able to remember. She groaned as she told me they were dead sure there was only one expat teacher and that was Mr Easthope. 
And to think my memory is bad, theirs are worst, she said.
At my primary school reunion last Wednesday, I listened in awe as my classmates recounted past incidences, fights, mishaps that had happened when we were in primary school. Either I was absent when these happened, or my memory has completely deserted me. I totally had no recollection or faint impression.
Many times in my adult life, my friends would remind me of the weird or funny things (mostly my embarrassing moments) I had said or done and I would not remember. I’d swear it’s the truth but they wouldn’t believe me.
How to write my memoir or autobiography when I can’t even remember anything about my childhood, youths or adult life? How does LKY remember everything that had happened to be able to write three volumes of his memoir? True, he has a better brain and probably more exciting life. I’d be lucky if my memoir can fill a paperback.
So before I go completely 痴呆, I better record it all here.

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