CNY 2010

Despite all my apprehension, I had a wonderful Chinese New Year. The first day as usual was hot and humid as we visited my in-laws, my granny, and finally ended with a gathering at mum’s house with the extended family. My aunts and I were happy to note the presence of all the newly attached members in our family. It was after all Valentines’ Day and I’m sure they would rather spent it coddling their new found loves than spent time with middle aged relatives being subjected to numerous gossips and interrogation about boy/girlfriends and jobs. The younger unattached ones eagerly awaited for the blackjack game to improve on their taking of the red packets.
The next day, we visited our next door neighbour who treated us to her her freshly baked cranberry muffins and various sweets. It was more for the men to catch up, as we women often chat whenever we take out our laundry.
I’m glad I did not pack my holidays with visitations or gatherings. Instead, I spent time watching DVD’s. The two older boys had their own gatherings while poor Aaron had homework. It was relaxing just idling around.
We celebrated my FIL’s birthday at Asia Grand Restuarant on the fourth night, which had a table large enough for the whole family to lohei together. On the seventh night, it was my side to lohei.
Last Sunday, the whole family visited my ex-ICI colleague’s house. She has generously opened her house for us since we were working at ICI more than ten years ago. Then, the kids were toddlers. Now, they’re all teenagers. We spent time gossiping, catching up and playing blackjack. Since I was already in the East, I took the opportunity to visit my old neighbours at Harvey. They had invited us over for dinner as well. Her son was surprised that we were going to spent the whole afternoon there and was concern. We were too and did not want to overstay our welcome. However, we ended up chatting until 9pm, a full 5 hours. They’re after all our old neighbour and our kids were born there and played together until we moved. I’m glad to see them getting along without any awkwardness associated with teenagers.
So, all in all, a wonderful Chinese New Year.

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