City Hall – Korean Drama

When I first read the review in the Straits Times’ Life! section and the reviewer actually praised the show(never happened before!), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. At $46 for 20 episodes, my aunt felt i paid too much for it. True, since I usually pay $1.07 per episode when I watch korea dramas on Starhub On Demand. But it’s worth every cent, since my aunt is next in the queue and my friends in KL are eagerly waiting third in line.

I’m so sad i finished the DVD. I really miss watching the show now that it has ended. I’ll just cut and paste the synopsis here for those who are interested. (Extracted from
City Hall is a drama that will deal with politics in a romantic comedy genre. It’s about the happenings between a young woman mayor and an elite bureaucrat. Jo Gook is an exceedingly smart government official. He passed the Higher Civil Service quickly, and basically is the perfect guy. But being a deputy mayor is not enough for him. He lives with the dream of becoming South Korea’s President. He should have easily gone straight to the top, but due to an unexpected incident, he gets dispatched as a deputy mayor for a provincial small town, Inju City, where Shin Mi Rae was working. Shin Mi Rae is a low-ranking secretary in Inju, but she works her way up in becoming the youngest City Mayor. As their paths met, they have to deal with each other’s personal and social differences. But despite their constant bickerings, would they end up in each other’s arms?

The ST Life! reviewer wrote about ‘the longing gaze in eyes as he watches the woman he loves.’ Jo Gook (played by Cha Seung Won) is funny, tender and plain endearing. His brooding eyes (much like Adrain Brody’s) tear on demand. Credit must be given to the script writers for the excellent dialogues, as well as to the director for his excellent directing. The best moments is when his little finger touches hers in the crowded cab, or when he traces his palm along her back without actually touching it – one can feel his longing for her.

Mayor Shin was told by Jo Gook’s fiancee that, much like a sentence which can never end with a comma, she can only be a comma in Jo Gook’s life, never a period. The retort- Mayor Shin said she is neither a comma nor a period, but a parenthesis (), as she is the hidden purpose in Jo Gook’s life. Isn’t that clever?
The beginning episodes were laugh out loud funny. Pay attention also to the contract he made for her body in payment for his help in her Mayor election campaign. Eg: Rule #1 : Your hands can touch other’s but only for work and never more than 3 sec(She is a mayor who needs to shake many hands). Rule #3 – You may keep your toes bacuse of their odour. Rule #4 Your heart may not race for other man, etc.  Simply hilarious.
As a bonus, the songs are also very good. Highly recommended.

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