Chinese New Year

I can’t believe it’s going to be Chinese New Year so soon. It’s already the second month of 2010 and we’ll have less than ten months left. CNY is a week long feasting spree for my family. When I think about the coming week, I get CNY fatigue syndrom – an unwillingness to participate in anything. I hadn’t bought any new clothes. There’s still no oranges in my fridge to 拜年. Aunt G asked me to drive her to buy flowers today and I’ve yet to agree. The invitation for an ICI reunion came and I waited a few before I replied. It was only two days ago that I’ve decided to cut my hair. "Come for wash and blow on Saturday." The stylist had urged and I nodded vaguely.
The feasting will start on Saturday with  团员饭 at my MIL’s house. We’ll have steam boat and 鱼生, salmon from Sakuraya.
初一, my mom’s family would gather at mom’s house for dinner. This year, I’ll be in charge of 鱼生 and 龙眼豆腐 and then followed by a few rounds of black jack with aunts and cousins.
初四 is my FIL’s birthday and we’ll be celebrating at a restuarant with 鱼生 again.
初七 is when we celebrate 人日with Grandma and Aunties and extended families.
初八 is my ICI reunion. I’m contributing 鱼生.
初十一 is my primary school reunion.
Mike has a Hwa Chong reunion in between and I wonder whether if another ex-colleague’s annual reunion is still on.
My neighbour Kim, who was originally from Kluang told me that she’ll not be returning home this year. Her extended family are not here and yet, she bakes, spring cleans and is all ready for the big day. Two other friends told me they never have reunion dinners with extended family, as no one organizes it, and no other dinner celebrations or reunions with ex classmates/colleagues whatever. The most they do is visit some relatives on the first day.
I was quite envious when I heard that, and then I realise how lucky I am to have close relatives and friends who consider me important enough to want to celebrate with me (or they just love my 鱼生!). They have taken the trouble to organize and i should be appreciative and participate enthusiastically. 
And so, to get myself into the mood, here’s is an extra early wish for everyone reading this page
新年快樂, 馬到功成, 財源滾滾, 身體健康
Till we meet again…in the year of the Tiger!

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