Lessons from Soccer

Rio Ferdinand has replaced John Terry as captain of England for the World Cup. John Terry is a defender with Chelsea, Aaron’s favourite club. When I read about it in the newspapers, I grabbed the opportunity to talk to Aaron about the importance of integrity and values. Regardless of how talented you are, people place values and characters above all. See what happened to Tiger Woods? What i was trying to teach him, albeit quite unsuccessfully all these years, is that a life of dishonesty and deceit would not be tolerated.
Has it gone into his head yet? Let’s just say there’s more work to be done.
Yesterday was his 6th match in the west zone school soccer league. Nanyang is never strong in soccer. My friends and relatives were quick to point out the reason – Chinese boys in Singapore cannot/don’t have the talent for/study more important than soccer, and Nanyang has mostly, if not all Chinese boys. But Nanyang did not do that poorly. Although they lost the first two games, they won the next three.
Yesterday’s match was against Henry Park. Mike took the afternoon off to shoot for the match. I had high hopes, since they won the last three matches consecutively, perhaps they’re on a winning streak. It was the first time I watch Aaron play in a match. My heart was racing even before they started. I remember what Ade told me about how her MIL cannot watch such stuff as she gets overly anxious with heart palpitations. I realised I’m just like her. I decided to read indoors instead, but I could still hear the cheers from the games, and it was mainly from Henry Park. The men at the side were shouting encouragements and instructions, and I could tell NY was losing.
They lost 5-0.
At the post mortem after the game, NY coach berated the boys, not because they lost, but because they were specifically told not to play before a match and to conserve their energy. It was a late match which started at 4.15pm, leaving the boys with nothing to do for two hours. So what did they do? Disobeyed their coach and had a match themselves in school prior. They were clearly lethargic and tired and could not even chase after the ball.
The boys were very down, and Aaron was quiet all the way home. I knew we’re rubbing salt into his wound, but we just had to remind him that every time he disobeys an adult, he often regrets it later. Then why do it, especially when he is given a reason everytime when we instruct him to obey us.
I hope yesterday’s lesson has taught Aaron more than just soccer.

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