Gratitude Booklet

I have an appreciation/gratitude booklet which I use to write down the daily things that I give thanks too, regardless of how mundane they are. It has a nice hard cover with a magnetic clasp, with The Secret printed on it, since it was published as a workbook for the book The Secret. I forgot all about it when I cleared away the pile of books next to my bed, with it together, until last week’s episode of Oprah. I must have watched it at least three times already and yet i still learn something new everytime. She had three guests, one of whom is Martha Becks, a psychologist who writes for O magazine. They were discussing the book The Secret and how to practise it, one of the ways was to make a vision board. If you are looking for a partner (or a job), make a list and keep it somewhere. Then, don’t think about it anymore and let the Universe manifest for you. Be at peace with it.
In that progam, there were viewers who wrote in to say how The Secret had worked for them. A man lost his job and instead of worrying, the couple celebrated with champange, for the opportunity of something better to come. The man found a higher paying job with a boss he likes.
After watching that program, I searched for my appreciation book. My last entry was one year ago, Jan 2009. I read through my entry from 2007 to 2008. On the left page is my gratitude note for the day, and the right is my gratitude intentions, for those that I wish to come. Many have come true. In one entry, my intention was to sleep on luxurious Egytian cotton sheets, and there I was, laying on it that night as I read that entry. Some did not come true, mostly dealing with Ivan. Some, I would like to believe, have yet to come true.
Why do some work and some don’t? Martha Becks explains it as such. Those that do not come true are usually in our shallow ring, things that we don’t really want, much like King Midas who thought he desired everything that he touched turn to gold, until he touched his wife and kids. Inside that shallow ring is our core/peace, the things that we really desire, and in between the core and the shallow, is the ring of fire that we need to overcome in order to get to our core desires. Many of the things in the shallows are what we want to keep up with the Joneses. The Buddhists know it as grasping energy, all the negative I want, I want, I want’s. What we should do is to want it, then release it and not keep it in heart.
From The Secret’s POV, I believe that Ivan failed to get into IB course because deep down, I really dislike ACS(I) (I do!) and didn’t really want him to remain there. So when he got into NYJC and after watching the episode of Oprah, I decide to rejoice that he is in a better learning environment for academic and characters/values building (NYJC has a Chinese Ed background).
Every night since then, I go to bed giving thanks mentally (I want to save the pages for important thanks) to all the good things that had happen that day (eg, Yesterday- had a great scrabble game, had a great dinner, Kim’s double chocolate chip cookies), and visualize that the next day to be perfect(Eg, The boys wake up without problem, Aaron has a winning match, I write). So far, it has worked and Aaron was especially cooperative.
If you change your thinking, you change your life.  My thoughts affect my life.

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