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Memory Loss

My MIL often laments that she is going 痴呆 (senile) whenever she catches herself forgetting something. I comfort her by telling her although i’m younger, i’m just as forgetful. Last night, she took out our box of fresh冬虫草 from Korea … Continue reading

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CNY is a time for reunions. In my younger days, I had lots of it as i had just left schools and were not balked down by career and family. After Mike and I got married, our combination of gatherings increased, … Continue reading

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CNY 2010

Despite all my apprehension, I had a wonderful Chinese New Year. The first day as usual was hot and humid as we visited my in-laws, my granny, and finally ended with a gathering at mum’s house with the extended family. My … Continue reading

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Am I a Humanist?

I often tell people I am a free thinker, and I do not have any religion, although I veer towards the Buddhist Philosophy, not the religion. I believe in using my common sense in doing things, and not because a … Continue reading

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City Hall – Korean Drama

When I first read the review in the Straits Times’ Life! section and the reviewer actually praised the show(never happened before!), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. At $46 for 20 episodes, my aunt felt i paid too much for … Continue reading

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Korean Drama Scripts

After spending the past three days cooped up in my aircon room watching Korean DVD during the CNY, I must say I’ve finally found the formula for writing a perfect script for Korean dramas. You don’t need good looking leads, for any … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year

I can’t believe it’s going to be Chinese New Year so soon. It’s already the second month of 2010 and we’ll have less than ten months left. CNY is a week long feasting spree for my family. When I think … Continue reading

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